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Verb To Be “Ser”

There are two verbs “to be” in Spanish: Ser and Estar.

Today will focused on the verb to be “Ser” which is really useful when you have to introduce yourself.

let’s conjugate this verb first:

Yo soy I am
Tu eres You are (informal)*
Ella/el/usted es She is/he is/ you are (formal)*
nosotos somos we are (formal)*
ellos/ustedes son they are/ you (all) are

*In Spanish we have two type of YOU, formal and informal. Whether you use TU or USTED it will depend on the context. For instance, talking to friends you will use TU.

Uses of verb Ser:

1) Origin

De donde eres? – Where are you from?
Soy de Peru – I am from Peru

El cafe es de Colombia – The coffe is from colombia

2) Descriptions

El gato es negro – The cat is black
La mesa es de madera – The table is (made) of wood

El vino es delicioso – The wine is delicious

Cameron Diaz es  alta РCameron Diaz is tall

David es gracioso – Davis is funny

3)Introducing yourself

Soy mario – I am Mario

4) Events taking place in a physical location

La boda es manana – The wedding is tomorrow
El concierto es en la ciudad – the concert is in the city

5) Identification

Somos amigos – we are friends
Elena y Belen son hermanas – Elena and Belen are sisters

6) Profession

Ellos son doctores – they are doctors

El es estudiante – he is a student

7) nationalities

Soy australiano/a – I am Australian

Soy argentino/a – I am Argentine

Let’s practice with the following questions:

De donde eres?

Donde es la fiesta hoy?

De donde es el vino?

Son ustedes novios?

De que color es la maleta?

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