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MOZ: Making the web a better place

The professional services industry is an ever-increasing market that includes an array of firms related to advertising and marketing, management consulting, architecture, legal, engineering, research and IT services.

Nowadays many of these firms foster the use of social media technologies to engage and interact with customers and potential ones, as well as to increase collaboration and communication among the staff. However, there are few professional services companies achieving the expecting results such as high engagement through blogs, wikis and social media platforms. There are also some firms in the industry that completely overlook the values social technologies create in the organisation functions. These values are based on effective interaction such as collaboration, communication and engagement, service line creation and marketing insights.

Moz is a successful example of a professional service firm that enhances relationships with its customers and community through interactive blogs, webinars, forums, free learning material and events. Moz offers search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing consulting services through different research tools to track and improve SEO, social media and content marketing.

Their blog is popular among the community since Moz is actively interacting with its community and subscribers via their blog posts published on different blogs: the Moz blog, YouMoz, Rand’s Blog, and the Developer Blog.

The Moz Blog always receives feedbacks, likes, comments and shares via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. For example, the Whiteboard Friday is a day designed to post content related to SEO and content marketing. Usually it features interactive videos hosted by Rand Fishkin, Moz’s co-founder. Furthermore, the blog posts are frequently written for professionals in the field who has a broad experience and share relevant digital marketing tips, insights and news with the community.

YouMoz is another blog platform where the community can contribute with a blog post as a guest. These posts get a lot of engagement through likes and comments. Indeed, this section shows how Moz is open to new inputs, opinions and recommendations coming from the community. The Rand’s blog is running by Rand Fishkin who publishes articles and news related to SEO and content marketing.  Meanwhile, The Developer blog is written by members of the SEO engineering team. This blog covers web development and search technologies topics as well as fun facts about the dev team.

This professional services business highlights the importance of blogs as a social media tool to add value to the marketing area through constant communication and interaction between businesses and clients. In fact,Blogs allow getting brand awareness, attracting potential customers, promoting services and brand reinforcement. Blogs also engage the community and customers through direct customers’ feedback about products and services, up-to-date information, product learning, promotions, recommendations, and different beneficial ways that can be used to increase interaction and communication within a community, especially in the professional service industry.

Furthermore, Moz promotes community activities to learn everything about online marketing such as webinars, questions and answers forum, and events in the industry. The Mozinars are webinars scheduled over the year and delivered by professionals in the topic. The Q&A is a forum open for everyone who needs to make an enquiry that can be answered by the community. The events take place all over the world during the year.

With the community and blog section on their website, Moz reinforces its brand, creates new service lines, fosters customer interaction and engagement, and makes their community know they care. This is a great example of professional service firm with successful blogs.

What do you think about professional services firms implementing blogs? Do you have any other suggestion or feedback? Just leave your comment below :)

By Giannina Pacheco

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  1. Linton Pinto says:

    A very good implementation of Blogs by Moz. I found it quite interesting, since I had come up with the similar concept from IBM. IBM embeds the access to blogs, wikis, forum and events through one of its community.

    I am eager to know, what new is coming from social technology in the near future. Moz is one such example which has proved the relevance of social business in business development.

    If you find time, just give a read at my post and comment your opinion. Cheers!


    • Gia says:

      Thanks for your feedback Linton! Yes Moz is a good example of professional services firms sharing successful blogs with their community. I also enjoyed reading your article about IBM blogs and wikis, a great insight.

  2. Aurore says:

    I am interested to know how they moderate their community to ensure on-topic and appropriate posts are made by the community. Also, in order to achieve the success (indicated by the many comments made per blog post), how did they manage to achieve such exposure? Is this created by their clients or predominantly people who stumbled across it on the internet?

    A good read and thank you for commenting on my blog.

    • Gia says:

      Thanks for your comment Aurore :) To publish blog posts, you need to sign up for free as a Moz member that also gives you free access to research tools and weekly webinars. Before submitting a post you need to follow guidelines such as submitting own original work, copyright regarding image. The posts are reviewed by editors who will decide whether or not it’s appropriate to publish your blog post. It can take several weeks but you can track your post status from your member account.

      In order to achieve blog exposure, they are frequently sharing the blogs through other blogger communities, wikis, forums, and social media platforms. They also specialize in SEO focus on link building, placing blog links in other websites and blogs related to their topic, and keywords on content. As a result they generate lots of traffic to their blogs.

  3. Zafer says:

    I think blogging is the best way among traditional and other ways for marketing and advertisement. No other way is much suitable for this purpose.

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