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Keep Calm and Learn Spanish!

Following on from our last post  “7 reasons to learn Spanish” we bring you some more fun reasons why you should pick it up:

  • Unlock a world of exotic travel destinations, amazing cinema (hello Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas!) and reads (think Don Quixote)
  • Order dinner at a Mexican restaurant – ¡Que delicioso!
  • To impress a hot date perhaps – who doesn’t love an accent!?
  • If you’re looking to score that overseas job post we’ve got you covered! Spanish lessons with us looks great on your CV!
  • Expand your cultural horizons – whether cooking, art or history is your thing Hispanic culture is vibrant and captivating
  • Haven’t you ever wondered what Shakira and Enrique are singing about? Or how Ricky is ‘livin’ la vida loca?’ Your drive to work will soon become a Spanish kareoke sesh!
  • What’s more learning Spanish is FUN!

What made you decide to learn the language of love?

Whether you’re just a beginner or already ‘habla un poco español’  languageinhouse offers customized one-on-one or group classes at a time convenient to you. Contact one of our friendly co-ordinators for more information or to book a lesson. Email: contact@languageinhouse.com

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By Camille Crawford                                      Photo credit: Pinterest

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