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Frequently Asked Questions
 How many sessions will I need?

Learning a new language requires motivation and it depends on your study purpose (business, travel, academic). In order to achieve a basic conversation and comprehension of the language, a package of 15 hours is recommended. In addition, your language lessons will be tailored to your level and learning goals.

Where can I take the classes?

Classes take place where you choose. We suggest to find a place with adequate facilities and Internet access.

How can I pay? 

Upon booking a course, you can pay per hour or per package. Hourly courses require a total payment within 48 hours of starting a class (2 working days), payable via Paypal or bank transfer. We will invoice you for the total amount. Also, if you choose to pay for a package, we do not require the full amount up front. We need a deposit via Paypal or bank transfer. Subsequently, the total balance on the invoice must be settled within 10 days after the first lesson.

Lessons are individual or in groups?

Lessons are one-on/to-one or small-groups. We charge $20/£20 per each additional student (maximum 3) and from 6 students we offer corporate rates.

Can I choose my own schedule?

Yes, you can choose your time and days, depending on your availability and needs. Teachers are available during week days and weekends.

Does the price include the tutor travel expenses?

Yes, the price for hourly course and packages includes tutor travel expenses in city centres or nearby areas. Otherwise, please make an enquiry for your location. The extra fee will be between $5/£5 and $10/£10 per session.