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The 5 Best Translator and Dictionary Apps


Looking for an app to help you translate words into a foreign language? When learning Spanish or any new language for academic or travel purpose, it is always useful to have a dictionary and what better way to download a mobile translator¬†app. We have listed the best translator and dictionary apps that will help you learning a new language and enhance your vocabulary. These are our top Translator and dictionary Apps: 1. Google Translate Google translate is a user-friendly app which has over 90 languages including Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Finish and more. Another cool feature of this app is that you can take a photo of any sign you […]

Amazing train journeys on Earth


Have you ever traveled a long journey by train? Not taking into account the commute to work that most of us do by train everyday. This is a journey from a tourist and visitor perspective. Traveling to a new destination is an exciting experience and it would be more pleasant choosing the best transportation whether you want to get to know a tourist attraction or travel in a peacefully pace between cities, towns, and regions. Nowadays, there are different train journeys around the world offering a memorable travel experience. You can choose to travel from economic class to luxury suites with room service. Either way, the view and ever-changing landscapes […]