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The 5 Best Translator and Dictionary Apps


Looking for an app to help you translate words into a foreign language? When learning Spanish or any new language for academic or travel purpose, it is always useful to have a dictionary and what better way to download a mobile translator¬†app. We have listed the best translator and dictionary apps that will help you learning a new language and enhance your vocabulary. These are our top Translator and dictionary Apps: 1. Google Translate Google translate is a user-friendly app which has over 90 languages including Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Finish and more. Another cool feature of this app is that you can take a photo of any sign you […]

Verb To Be “Ser”


There are two verbs “to be” in Spanish: Ser and Estar. Today will focused on the verb to be “Ser” which is really useful when you have to introduce yourself. let’s conjugate this verb first: Yo soy I am Tu eres You are (informal)* Ella/el/usted es She is/he is/ you are (formal)* nosotos somos we are (formal)* ellos/ustedes son they are/ you (all) are *In Spanish we have two type of YOU, formal and informal. Whether you use TU or USTED it will depend on the context. For instance, talking to friends you will use TU. Uses of verb Ser: 1) Origin De donde eres? – Where are you from? […]

‘Femenino’ or ‘Masculino’?


This our first post out of many to give you Spanish grammar tips, common expressions, exercises and useful links to enhance your Spanish skills. As a Spanish teacher I always recommend students to focus their learning on Spanish grammar first.. since once you learn the grammar structure… the rest is easier! Today I will teach Spanish Genders. In Spanish we have feminine and masculine nouns. Below there is a table with Singular and Plural Spanish nouns. Singular Plural Femenino La Casa, La Flor, La ciudad, La profesora Las casas, Las flores,Las ciudades, Las profesoras Masculino El auto, El tren, El cafe, El profesor Los autos, Los trenes, Los cafes, Los […]