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The 5 Best Translator and Dictionary Apps


Looking for an app to help you translate words into a foreign language? When learning Spanish or any new language for academic or travel purpose, it is always useful to have a dictionary and what better way to download a mobile translator app. We have listed the best translator and dictionary apps that will help you learning a new language and enhance your vocabulary. These are our top Translator and dictionary Apps: 1. Google Translate Google translate is a user-friendly app which has over 90 languages including Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Finish and more. Another cool feature of this app is that you can take a photo of any sign you […]

Keep Calm and Learn Spanish!

Following on from our last post  “7 reasons to learn Spanish” we bring you some more fun reasons why you should pick it up: Unlock a world of exotic travel destinations, amazing cinema (hello Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas!) and reads (think Don Quixote) Order dinner at a Mexican restaurant – ¡Que delicioso! To impress a hot date perhaps – who doesn’t love an accent!? If you’re looking to score that overseas job post we’ve got you covered! Spanish lessons with us looks great on your CV! Expand your cultural horizons – whether cooking, art or history is your thing Hispanic culture is vibrant and captivating Haven’t you ever wondered […]

7 Reasons to learn Spanish


Language In House brings you the 7 top reasons to learn Spanish! Spanish is becoming a very essential language to learn for individual reasons as well as for making business. Learning Spanish will help you to understand the Hispanic Culture, travel around Latin America and get to know the locals in order to have unforgettable traveling experiences. These are our 7 reasons to learn Spanish:   FOR ENQUIRY OR BOOKINGS: