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Case Study: Brand USA & Westfield Australia

How Brand USA And Westfield Boost User Engagement

To be up-to-date and keep up with social media trends, you need to be open to new technologies and collaborative innovation process.

Indeed, many organisations harness the power of mass collaboration giving opportunities and important data to other communities aiming to empower its performance, conversions or research.

In this case I will demonstrate how powerful conventional organisations like Brand USA and Westfield Australia change their organisation culture and boost user engagement and staff performance by implementing social media platforms.

Brand USA partnered with Google


With the Brand USA case study, you will see how a traditional organisation can leverage its online presence by simply using social media platforms cost-effectively.

Since Brand USA partnered with Google to launch the ‘Discover America’ digital campaign through Google Display Network, YouTube and Google+, the United States has increased the travel intent by 22%, having into account that 80% of travellers use the web for planing a vacation.

How they did it?

#1 Lightbox ads – Google Display Network

One of Brand USA approaches on Google Display Network is using Google Lightbox Ads to show an interactive travel catalogue when a visitor hovers over it for at least two seconds. These ads are only paid when users engaged with the travel guide since the Lightbox ads are priced cost-per-engagement (CPE). As a result, Brand USA has increased the rate of potential visitors’ engagement up to 6%.

“Brand USA successfully achieved broad exposure, reaching 20% of Canada’s total population and 25% of Canada’s online population. Meeting its goal to engage potential visitors at scale, the campaign generated over 1M engagements with an engagement rate of 3.23% (higher than the average engagement rate benchmark of 1.75% in the U.S.).” – Google  

#2 TrueView – YouTube

On YouTube, Brand USA uses TrueView ads that come up before displaying a video. The cost of these ads is only when a viewer choose to watch the ad, cost-per-view (CPV).

#3 Google+

Brand USA uses Google+ to engage visitors through photos, videos and content from users who traveled to the USA and want to share their experience. Google+ Discovery America has 32,755 followers and about 312,000 views.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.29.01 pm

#4 SEO & Mobile Presence

Brand USA uses search engine optimisation through effective keywords and targeting by country and language to leverage the click-through-rates (CTRs) up to 4%. Brand USA also promotes ‘Discovery America’ campaign on mobile platforms that enable consumers to access from any devices.

#5 Rich content

Brand USA Discovery America website offers rich content through an appealing and interactive design with high quality images and content focused on the user experience. This content complements all the efforts Brand USA is doing to attract more visitors. Having a great SEO visitors will get to the page and having a great web content people will stay to find out more about it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 12.12.52 am

Westfield Australia uses Yammer



Have you ever used any social network to stay connected with coworkers? You will be surprised how Westfield Australia transforms its staff performance through one social network: Yammer.

Westfield Australia wants to keep up with changes and social network trends. No wonder why this company has increased the staff performance and engagement using Yammer.

How big is Westfield?

The Westfield group runs 100 shopping centres across Australia, The United States, The United Kingdom, New Zealand and Brazil.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is a clear example of collaboration platform, a Peering wikinomic business model that contributes with other communities. This platform helps over 200,000 companies worldwide to stay connected and collaborate between coworkers within a dynamic social network.


How Westfield harness employees’ engagement?

Westfield Australia uses Yammer to connect with all the staff from executives to stylist at shopping centres and everyone working there.

This company share everything such as work tips, insights, events, fashion trends via Yammer and always obtain a quick feedback from employees as this social network is available all the time, whether they are in or out of the office. Staff can see their mobiles for updates and don’t miss any important work activity.

Crowdsourced feedback is also obtained from Yammer and Westfield uses it to improve employee training and customer experience. Additionally, the staff can communicate their problems which can be addressed and solve pretty quickly. All in all, the outcomes are brilliant:

  • Strengthened employee collaboration
  • Real time updates, anywhere, anytime
  • Improvement of shopping experience
  • Insight from Yammer to boost staff performance and customer experience


Do you know any other organisation implementing effective social technologies? Leave your comment below!

By Giannina Pacheco

4 Comments so far:

  1. Great Post Giannina Pacheco,

    it is my first time to about Google LightBox ads feature. Also, Yammer tool and I found this video to share it with about Yammer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDg821lzl4Y .

    I can see from your post that the use of Enterprise 2.0 tools have a great and positive impact on organizations productivity.

    Please read and comment my post to have your thoughts on ASANA as a tool similar to Yammer. at http://said346.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/wikis-asana-new-experience.html


  2. Justin Yung says:

    Great post. Very detailed and insightful. I just realised that the YouTube ads were the most annoying especially in-stream ads and the fact that they have commercial (ad) breaks in long videos is absurd considering if you really need a break you can just pause. Thank fully I use Adbloker plus which blocks all kinds of ads.

    • Gia says:

      Thanks Justin, I agree adds can be annoying when you try to watch a video. However it’s a good tool for many companies out there wishing to increase user engagement. It’s good to know about the Adblock plus though ;)

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