A mobile digital marketing campaign 3x more effective

CUnet, recently joint to Sparkroom brand, is a leader in digital marketing services and award-winning marketing software for colleges and universities that allows to recruit and enrol students. This company has successfully helped higher education institutions for over 10 years. CUnet launched a mobile digital marketing strategy through inbound calls, using mobile search ads in order to increase conversion opportunities and customer service within colleges and universities expecting to connect with potential students. The use of mobile search ads generates and fosters sales, and also encourages customer engagement and interaction, adding value in the marketing and sales area, an essential function for any organisation. With mobile applications and social media features is […]

Case Study: Brand USA & Westfield Australia

How Brand USA And Westfield Boost User Engagement To be up-to-date and keep up with social media trends, you need to be open to new technologies and collaborative innovation process. Indeed, many organisations harness the power of mass collaboration giving opportunities and important data to other communities aiming to empower its performance, conversions or research. In this case I will demonstrate how powerful conventional organisations like Brand USA and Westfield Australia change their organisation culture and boost user engagement and staff performance by implementing social media platforms. Brand USA partnered with Google With the Brand USA case study, you will see how a traditional organisation can leverage its online presence […]

How Can I Make My New Blog A Success?

Blogging is an essential part of social media for organisations whether you want to share valuable information such as news, updates, opinions, controversial readings, learning content or simply maintain your users informed on what is happening with your online community. A blog help you to interact with your users and potential ones, increasing user engagement which is the ultimate goal. Thus they will read you, comment and share your articles that eventually will boost your blog visibility on Google and search engines. Users may include other bloggers and businesses following you that can significantly leverage your posts. With this new blog category I want to introduce Enterprise 2.0 which is […]

7 Reasons to learn Spanish


Language In House brings you the 7 top reasons to learn Spanish! Spanish is becoming a very essential language to learn for individual reasons as well as for making business. Learning Spanish will help you to understand the Hispanic Culture, travel around Latin America and get to know the locals in order to have unforgettable traveling experiences. These are our 7 reasons to learn Spanish:   FOR ENQUIRY OR BOOKINGS:

Vivian Maier the street photographer

Whether you are interested in photography or are simply curious about human nature, you will find the life of photographer Vivien Maier both touching and compelling. Born in New York in the first half of the 20th century, she juggled her job as a nanny with her passion for photography. Whenever she could, she would take her modest camera and wander the streets taking pictures of people. She even travelled the world on her own and captured astonishing images of remote places. No one can tell much about her personal life. We know that she didn’t marry and that she was very private. She died poor and, in her last […]

Amazing train journeys on Earth


Have you ever traveled a long journey by train? Not taking into account the commute to work that most of us do by train everyday. This is a journey from a tourist and visitor perspective. Traveling to a new destination is an exciting experience and it would be more pleasant choosing the best transportation whether you want to get to know a tourist attraction or travel in a peacefully pace between cities, towns, and regions. Nowadays, there are different train journeys around the world offering a memorable travel experience. You can choose to travel from economic class to luxury suites with room service. Either way, the view and ever-changing landscapes […]

Welcome to our blog!


In this blog you will find topics, tips, trends, news about learning Spanish as well as other world languages such us Chinese, Arabic, German, etc. Here you can keep up with what is happening at Language In House! More and more people are learning “new” foreign languages, especially Spanish which is increasingly popular and becoming one of the most important languages around the world. Learning Spanish for business, travel or academic purposes makes a lot of sense nowadays, with growing economic and business links between English-speaking countries and Latin America, not to mention the growing recognition of Spanish as an official language in the United States. But business is certainly not the only reason […]