The 5 Best Translator and Dictionary Apps


Looking for an app to help you translate words into a foreign language? When learning Spanish or any new language for academic or travel purpose, it is always useful to have a dictionary and what better way to download a mobile translator app. We have listed the best translator and dictionary apps that will help you learning a new language and enhance your vocabulary. These are our top Translator and dictionary Apps: 1. Google Translate Google translate is a user-friendly app which has over 90 languages including Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Finish and more. Another cool feature of this app is that you can take a photo of any sign you […]

Verb To Be “Ser”


There are two verbs “to be” in Spanish: Ser and Estar. Today will focused on the verb to be “Ser” which is really useful when you have to introduce yourself. let’s conjugate this verb first: Yo soy I am Tu eres You are (informal)* Ella/el/usted es She is/he is/ you are (formal)* nosotos somos we are (formal)* ellos/ustedes son they are/ you (all) are *In Spanish we have two type of YOU, formal and informal. Whether you use TU or USTED it will depend on the context. For instance, talking to friends you will use TU. Uses of verb Ser: 1) Origin De donde eres? – Where are you from? […]

‘Femenino’ or ‘Masculino’?


This our first post out of many to give you Spanish grammar tips, common expressions, exercises and useful links to enhance your Spanish skills. As a Spanish teacher I always recommend students to focus their learning on Spanish grammar first.. since once you learn the grammar structure… the rest is easier! Today I will teach Spanish Genders. In Spanish we have feminine and masculine nouns. Below there is a table with Singular and Plural Spanish nouns. Singular Plural Femenino La Casa, La Flor, La ciudad, La profesora Las casas, Las flores,Las ciudades, Las profesoras Masculino El auto, El tren, El cafe, El profesor Los autos, Los trenes, Los cafes, Los […]

Keep Calm and Learn Spanish!

Following on from our last post  “7 reasons to learn Spanish” we bring you some more fun reasons why you should pick it up: Unlock a world of exotic travel destinations, amazing cinema (hello Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas!) and reads (think Don Quixote) Order dinner at a Mexican restaurant – ¡Que delicioso! To impress a hot date perhaps – who doesn’t love an accent!? If you’re looking to score that overseas job post we’ve got you covered! Spanish lessons with us looks great on your CV! Expand your cultural horizons – whether cooking, art or history is your thing Hispanic culture is vibrant and captivating Haven’t you ever wondered […]

Seafolly responds to copyright claims on social media

The company Seafolly is a well-known Australian swimwear company with world-wide online and in-store sales. It offers an innovative and fashion range of swimwear and summer accessories for women and kids. Their clothing is made of high quality fabrics with eclectic colours and textures. The Case: Seafolly vs Ms. Madden Leah Madden, the owner of a small swimwear business called White Sands, accused Seafolly of copyrighting her designs. Ms Madden saw the catalogue of Seafolly and reasoned the designs were very similar to hers. Her reaction was to post on her Facebook page the Seafolly designs with a sarcastic question “The most sincere form of flattery?”  alongside with White Sands […]

1600% ROI On Social Marketing

Many organisations focus on enterprise 2.0 successfully implement social technologies such as wikis, blogs, social networks, web applications, IT products and services to enable external and internal collaboration, communication and connections between employees, organisations and customers. In order to measure the impact of enterprise 2.0 applications, these organisations have to measure their return on investment (ROI). Social technologies ROI metrics The social technologies ROI can be measured through tangible (quantitive) and intangible (qualitative) benefits. The tangible benefits can be measured with numeric data, whereas intangible benefits are more difficult to measure. However, the data can be obtained from observations and surveys in order to form hypnotises that could be tested […]

Dymocks: Adding social technologies values to books retailers

Online bookstores are an ever-increasing market and one of the leaders in the e-commerce industry after electronic and computer devices. Nowadays online bookstores generate lots of profit through the sale of books and e-books worldwide. Over the past few years, retail bookstores have noticed the increasing penetration of worldwide retail stores on the book market such as and In response to that, many retail bookstores have decided to expand their sales on the Internet which have increased their business scope and target audience.  Surprisingly, despite of gaining more online presence, few bookstores have successfully implemented social technologies. This is the case of Dymocks Booksellers, a family owned Australian […]

MOZ: Making the web a better place

The professional services industry is an ever-increasing market that includes an array of firms related to advertising and marketing, management consulting, architecture, legal, engineering, research and IT services. Nowadays many of these firms foster the use of social media technologies to engage and interact with customers and potential ones, as well as to increase collaboration and communication among the staff. However, there are few professional services companies achieving the expecting results such as high engagement through blogs, wikis and social media platforms. There are also some firms in the industry that completely overlook the values social technologies create in the organisation functions. These values are based on effective interaction such […]

A mobile digital marketing campaign 3x more effective

CUnet, recently joint to Sparkroom brand, is a leader in digital marketing services and award-winning marketing software for colleges and universities that allows to recruit and enrol students. This company has successfully helped higher education institutions for over 10 years. CUnet launched a mobile digital marketing strategy through inbound calls, using mobile search ads in order to increase conversion opportunities and customer service within colleges and universities expecting to connect with potential students. The use of mobile search ads generates and fosters sales, and also encourages customer engagement and interaction, adding value in the marketing and sales area, an essential function for any organisation. With mobile applications and social media features is […]

Case Study: Brand USA & Westfield Australia

How Brand USA And Westfield Boost User Engagement To be up-to-date and keep up with social media trends, you need to be open to new technologies and collaborative innovation process. Indeed, many organisations harness the power of mass collaboration giving opportunities and important data to other communities aiming to empower its performance, conversions or research. In this case I will demonstrate how powerful conventional organisations like Brand USA and Westfield Australia change their organisation culture and boost user engagement and staff performance by implementing social media platforms. Brand USA partnered with Google With the Brand USA case study, you will see how a traditional organisation can leverage its online presence […]