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The 5 Best Translator and Dictionary Apps

Looking for an app to help you translate words into a foreign language? When learning Spanish or any new language for academic or travel purpose, it is always useful to have a dictionary and what better way to download a mobile translator app. We have listed the best translator and dictionary apps that will help you learning a new language and enhance your vocabulary. These are our top Translator and dictionary Apps:

1. Google Translate

Google translate is a user-friendly app which has over 90 languages including Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Finish and more. Another cool feature of this app is that you can take a photo of any sign you and it will translate it for you!

Download here for Android or Apple iOS

2. iTranslate

iTranslate is another comprehensive app with several languages available to translate. The user interface is easy to navigate and it allows sharing content through social media or email. If you need to write a Spanish letter, it might help! You can also practice listening and pronunciation with this app.

Download here for Android or Apply iOS

3. Forvo

This is one of my favourite translator’s apps. Aside from translating, it also focuses on practising pronunciation in any language. All languages are pronounced by native speakers! The app interface is easy to use and allows you to save all words and record pronunciation. It also allows you to chat with native speakers. Worthwhile downloading it and starting your Spanish pronunciation practice.

Download here for Android or Apply iOS

4. WordReference

I use WordReference app very often to translate from Spanish to English or vice-versa. Also to translate any other language is really helpful. This app enables to look up different meanings and context of use for a word, providing sentences as an example. A great way of learning is putting words in context so I highly recommend having this app on your smartphone!

Download here for Android or Apply iOS

5. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary app is a comprehensive app that encompasses synonyms, abbreviations, idioms, phrases, medical and financial vocabulary. This is an interactive app which gives you a score as you progress on your language learning. The app features the Article of the day, This day in history and Today’s birthday which are helpful readings for learning new words!

Download here for Android or Apply iOS

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