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A mobile digital marketing campaign 3x more effective

CUnet, recently joint to Sparkroom brand, is a leader in digital marketing services and award-winning marketing software for colleges and universities that allows to recruit and enrol students. This company has successfully helped higher education institutions for over 10 years.

CUnet launched a mobile digital marketing strategy through inbound calls, using mobile search ads in order to increase conversion opportunities and customer service within colleges and universities expecting to connect with potential students.

The use of mobile search ads generates and fosters sales, and also encourages customer engagement and interaction, adding value in the marketing and sales area, an essential function for any organisation. With mobile applications and social media features is possible to reach potential clients as well as the right audience, especially young generations that frequently book a service, purchase a product, make online queries or direct calls from their mobile devices.

In addition, the incorporation of social technologies in customer service is a great value for organisations. Nowadays, many e-commerce sites and business with online presence use a 24 hours live chat, toll-free numbers, inquiry forms, reviews, forums, click-to-call (CTC) ads, Adwords, social media platforms and additional features to improve the customer experience and increase sales. In fact, having mobile ads with call extensions increases the customer service quality, user engagement and conversions.

CUnet identified online marketing and customer service opportunities through call extensions in order to reach potential students. Since 2012 the company has implemented innovative mobile solutions via Google CTC ads and mobile short forms. As a result, this campaign has significantly increased the number of converts’ rate: three times higher than other online marketing tools.

Due to the high growth in smartphones traffic among students, CUnet decided to incorporate Click-to-Call campaigns cost-effectively, paying per click (PPC) only. The Google call extensions ads allow organisations to reach potential clients through a direct phone call which do not require to open a new page. Likewise, CUnet implemented mobile short forms where the user is taken to a mobile form page to be completed before being redirected to the school.

The marketing and customer service results were reflecting in the number of conversions generated by the educational institutions which were also able to target the right audience. This case shows how businesses can add value in organisational functions such as marketing and customer service by implementing cost-effective social technologies.

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By Giannina Pacheco

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  1. Hannah Usher says:

    This is a really unique example! Do you think this business strategy will allow the business to grow in the future, or have they pigeonholed themselves early on?

    • Gia says:

      Thanks Hannah! Yeah absolutely, CUnet has helped many colleges and universities to increase the number of potential students’ inquiries and applications through mobile ads with call extensions

  2. - Younis - says:

    Hello Gia,

    Now I would say CUnet is a reliable social technology that provides mobile solutions to education departments depending on their inquiries within CUnet’s specialisation. Especially when universities like Westwood College, Grand Canyon Universty, Kaplan Universty and Ashford University are their clients.

    Thanks for the information given through your blog.
    Keep in touch.


  3. moneer says:

    Hi Giannina .
    Great post about mobile digital MARKETING and how businesses can add value by mobile ad ets.
    regards Moneer

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